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11 Dec 2015

Creston Unlimited launches brand-partnership agency, Affinity Unlimited

Creston Unlimited, today announces the launch of Affinity Unlimited, a brand-partnership specialist to be headed by Andrew McMorran.

09 Jun 2015

Creston plc invests in creativity with advertising agency 18 Feet & Rising

Creston plc announces a strategic investment in 18 Feet & Rising Limited, a London based advertising agency.

12 May 2015

Creston Unlimited announces partnership to expand its digital consultancy offer

Following its recent acquisition of the digital design and development consultancy, Splendid Unlimited, Creston Unlimited, the marketing communications group, today announces its partnership agreement with The Digital Consultancy.

29 Apr 2015

Creston Unlimited partners with Future Foundation

Creston Unlimited, announces its partnership agreement with the leading global consumer trends and insight consultancy, Future Foundation.

27 Apr 2015

Health Unlimited partners with Propeller Communications

Health Unlimited, announces its partnership agreement with New York-based specialist healthcare digital company, Propeller Communications.

22 Apr 2015

Creston plc announces acquisition of How Splendid Ltd

Creston plc is pleased to announce the acquisition of How Splendid Ltd (‘Splendid’), the London-based digital design and development consultancy.