Students create an #IoT wearable that communicates its user's emotions through heat sensors, speech and heart rateā€¦

Alembic Unlimited

Advancing health through advocacy

Alembic Unlimited sets the standard for public and private advocacy in the health and wellness arena. We specialize in educating consumers, building support, creating alliances and informing public policy to advance individual and public health.

Alembic Unlimited offers full communications, public relations and public affairs services in the area of health advocacy in North America and internationally. Through an affiliate network and select strategic alliances with established and highly successful healthcare communications companies, we offer unparalleled resources that achieve measurable results for our clients.

Alembic Unlimited is a sister company of Cooney/Waters and The Corkery Group within the CooneyWaters Unlimited family of US companies.

Principal staff

Sherri Michelstein, President, Alembic


  • Advocacy relations
  • Coalition development
  • Media relations
  • Policy/issues management
  • Professional outreach
  • Scientific/medical communications